Completed Books

Total number of completed books: 632
No part of any book is reproduced through these links. These links only contain the Scilab code for the solved examples in the book.
No.Title of the BookContributor NameUniversity / InstituteYear of Completion
1Elementary Linear Algebra by Stephen Andrilli, David Hecker, Academic Press - Elsevier, 2016Parth BirthareVellore Institute Of Technology2022
2Optical Fibers And Fiber Optic Communication Systems by Subir Kumar Sarkar, S.chand & Company Ltd.,newdelhi, 2001Lochan JollyMumbai/TCET2021
3Physics Through Experiment 1(emf Constant And Varying) by Prof Babu Lal Saraf, Vikas Publishing House, 1978, 1978Dr Hussain JeevakhanNITTTR, Bhopal2021
4Digital Logic Circuit Analysis & Design by Victor P. Nelson, H. Troy Nagle, J.david Irwin, Bill D. Carroll, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, N.j. 07632, 1995Sahaya Akshara JekcySt. Xavier's Catholic College of Engineering2021
5Manufacturing Technology - Volume 1 : Foundry, Forming And Welding by P N Rao, Mcgraw Hill Education (india), New Delhi, 2013Ganesh Kumar KNational Engineering College2021
6Irrigation Engineering And Hydraulic Structures by Santhosh Kumar Garg, Khanna Publishers & Delhi-110006, 2013E. Sorna Saran RajVELLORE INSITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, CHENNAI2021
7Power Electronics Devices,circuits And Application by Muhammad. H. Rashid, Pearson Education Limited, England, 2014Asick.RSt.Xavier's Catholic College of Engineering2020
8Sears And Zemansky'S University Physics With Modern Physics by Hugh D. Young, Roger A. Freedman, Addison-Wesley, Usa, 2010Mohammad UsaidAligarh Muslim University2020
9Fluid Mechanics- Fundamentals And Applications by Yunus A. Cengel, John M. Cimbala, Mcgraw Hill & New York, 2006Keerthi Vasan MSastra Deemed To Be University2020
10A Textbook Of Engineering Mechanics by R.S. Khurmi, S. Chand & Company Ltd., Ram Nagar, New Delhi, 2014Shubham Kumar LalaVELLORE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, CHENNAI CAMPUS2020
11Fundamentals Of Modern Manufacturing: Materials, Processes, And Systems by Mikell P. Groover, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. & Usa, 2012Venkata Ajay Kumar GJNTU Anantapur / AITS, Rajampet2019
12Metal Cutting Theory And Practice by D. A. Stephenson And J. S. Agapiou, Crc Taylor & Francis., 2016Venkata Ajay Kumar GJntu Anantapur Aits Rajampet2019
13Linear Algebra by Seymour, Mcgraw Hill New Delhi, 2009ChandrbhanRajasthan Technical University2019
14Physics Demystified by Stan Gibilisco, Mcgraw-Hill, 2002Parmanand MishraMAIT, DElhi2019
15Introduction To Mechatronics And Measurement Systems by David G. Alciatore And Michael B. Histand , Tata Mcgraw Hill, 2012Sandeep Kumar CSreenidhi Institute Of Science And Technology2019
16Linear Systems And Signals by B. P. Lathi, Oxford University Press,newyork, 2006Satyajit GantayatNITK Surathkal2019
17Introduction To Power Electronics by V. Jagannathan, Prentice-Hall of India Pvt.Ltd, 2009RijwanUTU2019
18Physics For Engineers by M. R. Srinivasan, New Age Publication,new Delhi, 2009Shrushti ShahFr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering2019
19Engineering Physics by G. S. Raghuvanshi, Prentice Hall Of India, New Delhi, 2008Dakshee LahkarAssam Engineering College2019
20Geotechnical Engineering by Shashi K Gulhati & Manoj Datta, Tata Mcgraw-Hill & New Delhi, 2010E Sorna Saran RajVIT UNIVERSITY, CHENNAI2019
21Principles Of Electronics , Vol. II by B. V. Narayana Rao, New Age International (p) Ltd.,Publishers, 1992Suji MSt.Xavier's Catholic College of Engineering2019
22Signals And Systems by A. Nagoorkani, Mcgraw Hill Education (india) Private Limited, 2015Sridhatta Jayaram AithalA.C.PATIL COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING2019
23Fundamentals Of Physical Chemistry by H. D. Crockford, Samuel B.knight, John Wiley And Sons Inc. ,usa, 1965Nitya LakakrajuCarlson School Of Management2019
24Fiber Optic Communications Technology by D. K. Mynbaev And L. L. Scheiner, Pearson,newdelhi, India, 2009Dr. Lochan JollyMumbai/TCET2019
25Surveying And Levelling by R. Subramanian, Oxford University Press & New Delhi, 2010E Sorna Saran RajVIT UNIVERSITY,CHENNAI2018
26Strength Of Materials by R. K. Bansal, Laxmi Publications(p)ltd,new Delhi, 2017Ebby GeorgeNITK2018
27Introductory Circuit Analysis by Robert L. Boylestad, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, N.J, 2003Zaid SiddiqueAIKTC, Mumbai University2018
28Cryptography And Network Security by Behrouz A. Forouzan, Tata Mcgraw-Hill, New Delhi India, 2007Subbulakshmi TVIT Chennai2018
29Digital Integrated Circuits: A Design Perspective by J. Rabaey, Prentice Hall, India, 2002Sandeep Kumar CSreenidhi Institute Of Science And Technology2018
30Electric Power Generation, Transmission And Distribution by S. N. Singh, Phi Learning Private Limited, 2012Ajith Kumar RSt.Xavier's Catholic College of Engineering2018
31Signals And Systems by T. Rawat, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2010Payal PawarGovernment COllege Of Engineering,Karad2018
32Engineering Mechanics by S S Bhavikatti, New Age International (p) Limited,new Delhi, 2015Sumit Shivaji MetakariGovernment College Of Engineering Karad2018
33Control Systems by A Nagoor Kani, Rba Publications, Chennai, 2015Vibin Bharath M BSt.Xavier's Catholic College of Engineering2018
34Machine Design-i by Dr. Sadhu Singh, Umesh Publications Delhi, 2012RiturajUktu2018
35Physical Chemistry for the Chemical and Biological Sciences by Raymond Chang, Vinodh Vasishtha For Viva Books, New Delhi, 2016Anjali Kotechapandit ravisankar university raipur2018
36Basic Environmental Technology - Water Supply, Waste Management And Pollution Control by Jerry A. Nathanson, Phi Learning, 2008Jitendra SinghIIT Bombay2018
37Applied Physics by S. M. Naidu, Pearson, 2009EbbyCusat2018
38Electrical Measurements And Measuring Instruments by J. B. Gupta, S.k. Kataria & Sons., 2015Gundla Keerthi VaniPrinceton P.g College2018
39A Textbook Of Fluid Mechanics And Hydraulic Machines (in S.i. Units)- partially solved by R. K. Bansal, Laxmi Publications, 2005Vikas Pratap SinghIit_g2018
40Modern Engineering Physics by K. Vijaya Kumar, S. Chandralingam, S. Chand And Company, New Delhi, 2010Ebby GeorgeNITK2018
41Electronic Measurements And Instrumentation by K. Lal Kishore, Pearson Education India, 2012Vishal ChanglaniMumbai University2018
42The Performance And Design Of A.C. Machines by M.G. Say, Pitman London, 1976S.malisha JosephinSt.xavier'S Catholic College Of Engineering2018
43Refrigeration And Air-Conditioning by G.f. Hundy, A.a. Trott. And Le. Welch, Elsevier Ltd, 2008Ebby GeorgeB.Tech2018
44Engineering Physics by S. l. Gupta, Sanjeev Gupta, Dhanapat Rai Publications, 2012AkhilCochin University of Science and Technology2018
45Engineering Physics by G. P. Reddy, K.J. Pratap, P. M. Rao, and S.Asadullah, New Age International Pvt Ltd Publishers New Delhi, 2008Aditya Rutwik C VCMR Institute of Technology2018
46Strength Of Materials by B. K. Sarkar, Tata McGraw-Hill Education, Delhi, 2003Nitin KumarUktu2017
47Electronics A Systems Approach by Neil Storey, Pearson Education Limited, UK, 2009Sufiyan SiddiqueMumbai University2017
48Electrical Machinery by Dr. P S Bimbhra, Khanna Publishers, New Delhi, 1995Tejash Ajay SharmaVisvesvaraya National Institute of Technology2017
49Principle Of Physics by V. K. Mehta , R. Mehta, S.Chand & Company Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 2010MinhajNITK2017
50Modern Engineering Thermodynamics by Robert T.Balmer, Academic Press, Elsevier Inc. USA, 2011Praveenkumar CSURYA ENGINEERING COLLEGE2017
51Electrical And Electronic Systems by Neil Storey, Prentice Hall, 2004Ebby GeorgeNITK2017
52Theory And Problems Of Thermodynamics For Engineers by M C Potter, C W Somerton, The McGraw-Hill Companies.Inc, 1993Karthikeyan.sNandha Engineering Copllege2017
53College Physics by Paul Peter Urone, Roger Hinrichs, Kim Dirks, Manjula Sharma, Openstax College, Rice University, Houston,texas, 2016Abraham MathewAlliance University2017
54Concepts Of Physics (volume - 2) by H. C. Verma, Bharati Bhavan, 2011Ganesh Prasad MishraAmity University2017
55Optoelectronics And Fiber Optics Communication by C. K. Sarkar and D. C. Sarkar, New Age International(p) Limited Publishers, Newde, 2001Lochan Jollymumbai2017
56Surveying & Levelling by N. Basak, McGraw-Hill Education, 1994Sonu JNITK2017
57Basic Mechanical Engineering by Basant Agarwal & C.M.Agarwal, Wiley India Pvt.Ltd, New Delhi, 2008Reshma Dastageer UstadAIKTC2017
58Discrete Mathematics And Its Applications by K. H. Rosen, McGraw Hill Higher Education, 2012Sai LSNIST2017
59Power System: Analysis & Design by Thomas Overbye, J. Duncan Glover, Mulkutla .S. Sarma, Cengage Learning India Private Limited, 2011Jain B MarshelSt.Xavier's Catholic College of Engineering2017
60An Introduction To Thermodynamics by Y. V. C Rao, University Press Private Ltd,hyderabad,india, 2004Rohan Singla`Thapar University2017
61Basic Fluid Mechanics And Hydraulic Machines by Z. Husain, B.S. Publications, 2008Ravindramgowdakarnataka2017
62Introductory Electronic Devices and Circuits – Conventional Flow Version by R. T. Paynter, Prentice Hall, 2005Nihal BisenNIT Meghalaya2017
63Fundamentals Of Electrical Engineering by R. Prasad, PHI Learning Private Limited, 2014Suji MSt.Xavier's Catholic College of Engineering2017
64Electric Drives Concepts And Applications by Vedam Subrahmanyam, Tata McGraw Hill Publication, New Delhi, 2011Shifana SSt.Xavier's Catholic College of Engineering ,Nagec2017
65Engineering Physics by P. K. Basu & H. Dhasmana, Ane Books Pvt Ltd., 2009MathewsNirmala College2017
66Modern Compressible Flow With Historical Perspective by John D Anderson, Mcgraw-hill Education, 2002Davis JoseCUSAT2017
67Fundamentals Of Electrical Drive by Mohamad A. El- Sharkawi, Nelson Engineering, 2000Abisha L JSt.Xavier's Catholic College of Engineering2017
68Utilization Of Electric Energy by E. Openshaw Taylor, Universities Press(india)private Limited&hyderabad, 2016Sibi Varman LakshmanasamyBannari Amman Institute Of Technology2017
69Fluid Systems (fluid Machines) by Shiv Kumar, Satya Prakashan, New Delhi, 2012Parmanand MishraMaharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology2017
70Power Semiconductor Drives by S. Sivanagaraju, Prentice Hall India Learning Pvt Ltd, 2009Akshay Arun RautGovernment College Of Engineering,Karad2016
71Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics by J. L. Meriam, l. G. Kraige, John Wiley & Sons, 2012Praveenkumar CSURYA ENGINEERING COLLEGE2016
72Optoelectronics an Introduction by J. Wilson and J .F. B. Hawkes, Prentice, 2001Dr. Lochan JollyMumbai/ TCET2016
73Introduction To Fluid Mechanics by James A. Fay, The MIT Press, 1994Karthikeyan MSurya Engineering College2016
74Engineering Physics by P. K. Palanisamy, Scitech, Chennai, 2010Ebby GeorgeNITK2016
75Basics Of Electrical Engineering by S. Sharma, I. K. International Publishing House, New Delhi, 2008Arundhati YadavaSchool of Engineering, JRE Group of Institutions2016
76Introduction to Fiber Optics by A. Ghatak and K. Thyagarajan, Cambridge, New Delhi, 1999Dr. Lochan JollyMumbai/TCET2016
77Problems in Electrical Engineering by P. Smith, CBS Publisher, 2003Mohd AsifUktu2016
78Applied Physics by K. Kumar, T. Sreekanth, S. Chand & Company Ltd, New Delhi, 2005Lalit KumarCOER2016
79Antennas And Wave Propagation by J. D. Kraus, R. J. Marhefka And A. S. Khan, TataMcGrawHill Education Private Limited New Delhi, 2012Aditya RutwikCMR Institute of Technology2016
80Engineering Physics by M.Arumugam, Anuradha Publications, 2015Mohd ArifUttrakhand Technical Univeristy2016
81Modern Physics by G. Aruldhas and P. Rajagopal, Phi Learning, New Delhi, 2014Pankaj BiswasShri Mata Vaishno Devi University2016
82A Textbook Of Applied Electronics by R S Sedha, S Chand & Company Ltd. New Delhi, 2008AkhilCUSAT2016
83A Course In Power Plant Engineering by S. C. Arora, S. Domkundwar, A. V. Domkundwar, Dhanpat Rai, 2011Praveenkumar CSURYA ENGINEERING COLLEGE2016
84Fluid Mechanics by Y. A. Cengel and J. M. Cimbala, McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, 2006Karthikeyan SNandha Engineering college2016
85Cryptography and Network Security by A. Kahate, Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, 2003Akash GoelDelhi Technological University2016
86Mechanics of Materials by A. Pytel and J. Kiusalaas, Cengage, New Delhi, 2011K. R. RajeshNITK2016
87Propagation Engineering in Wireless Communications by Abdollah Ghasemi, Springer, U. K, 2012Sufiyan SiddiqueA. I. Kalsekar Technical Campus, Mumbai University2016
88Circuits and Networks by A. Sudhakar, McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, 2010Sibi Varman Lakshmanasamybannari amman institute of technology2016
89RCC Theory and Design by M. G. Shah and C. M. Kale, Macmillan, 1972Idris ManaqibwalaVNIT Nagpur2016
90Fundamentals of Electrical Drives by G. K. Dubey, Narosa, New Delhi, 2010Aditya RutwikCMR Institute Of Technology2016
91Quantum Mechanics by M. C. Jain, Phi Learning, New Delhi, 2012Sonu JNITK2016
92Thermodynamics, Statistical Thermodynamics and Kinetics by T. Engel and P. Reid, Prentice Hall, New York, 2007Ebby GeorgeNITK2016
93Advanced Engineering Chemistry by M. Senapati, Laxmi, New Delhi, 2008Nitya LakkarajuVBIT2016
94Applied Physics by M. Arumugam, Anuradha Publications, 2015Mathews GeorgeM.g2016
95Optoelectronics: An Introduction by J. Wilson and J. Hawkes, Prentice, Europe, 1998Sai LSNIST2016
96Engineering Physics by S. M. Naidu, Pearson, New Delhi, 2009SiddharthNITK2016
97Solid State Electronic Devices by D. K. Bhattacharya and R. Sharma, Oxford, New Delhi, 2007Kapil JainFr.Conceicao Rodrigues College Of Engineering2016
98Electrical Machine Design by A. K. Sawhney, Dhanpat Rai, 2014Shiv Singh MeenaNational Institute of Technology,Kurukshetra2016
99Linear Integrated Circuits by D. R. Choudhury, New Age, New Delhi, 2010Vishal ChanglaniVES Institute of Technology2016
100Principles of Physics by F. J. Bueche, McGraw-Hill, Singapore, 1988Ponnam Lakshmi TharunV R Siddhartha Engineering College2016
101Basic And Applied Thermodynamics by P. K. Nag, McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, 2009Vareesh PratapMMM University of Technology2016
102An Introduction to Electrical Machines and Transformers by G. Mcphersion, John Wiley, NY, 1990Rohan SinglaThapar University2016
103Linear Integrated Circuits by T. R. Ganesh Babu and B. Suseela, Scitech, Chennai, 2008Surya PrabhaSTUDENT2016
104Solutions to Problems in Applied Mechanics by A. N. Gobby, McDonald, UK, 1964Akshatha NayakIITB2016
105Optical Fiber Communication by A. Selvarajan, S. Kar and T Srinivas, McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, 2002Lochan JollyTcet2015
106Engineering Physics by K. V. Kumar, S. Chand, New Delhi, 2011Gujju Balakrishna ReddyV R Siddhartha Engineering College2015
107Introduction to Materials Science for Engineers by J. F. Shackelford, Prentice Hall, India, 1996Naik NadeemMumbai University2015
108Electronic Instrumentation by H. S. Kalsi, Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, 2006Vishal ChanglaniVES Institute of Technology2015
109Electric Machines by C. I. Hubert, Pearson, India, 2014Roohum JeganPHCET Mumbai University2015
110Wireless Communications Principles and Practices by T. S. Rappaport, Pearson, New Delhi, 2002Priyanka Gavadu PatilPillai HOC College Of Engineering & Technology2015
111Textbook on Optical Fiber Communication and Its Applications by S. C. Gupta, Phi, New Delhi, 2013Supriya ShigwanMumbai University2015
112The Theory of Machines by T. Bevan, Dorling, 2010Akshatha NayakBits Pilani2015
113Fiber Optic Communications: Fundamentals and Applications by S. Kumar and M. J. Deen, Wiley, UK, 2014Gajanan K BirajdarMumbai University2015
114High Voltage Engineering Theory and Practice by M. A. Salam, H. Anis, A. El Morshedy and R. Radwan, Marcel Dekker, NY, 2000Meenakshi PundirVellore institute of Technology2015
115Fundamentals of Nuclear Science and Engineering by J. K. Shultis and R. E. Faw, Marcel Dckker, 2002Ankita MisraIIT Bombay2015
116Power System Engineering by S. Chakraborthy, Gupta and Bhatnagar, D. Rai, 2013Kavan A BSRI JAYACHAMARAJENDRA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING2015
117Mechanical Vibration by G. K. Grover, Nem Chand And Bross, Roorkee ., 2009Vishwas AnandB.M.S.COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING2015
118Gas Turbines by V. Ganesan, Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, 2010Manikandan DGovernment College of Engineering, Salem2015
119Engineering Physics by M. R. Srinivasan, New Age International, New Delhi, 2011Lakshmi Tharun PonnamV R SIDDHARTHA ENGINEERING COLLEGE2015
120Non-conventional Energy Sources by G. D. Rai, Khanna Publishers, 2010Mohammed Touqeer Mohammed Toufique KhanAnjuman i islam Kalsekar Technical Campus2015
121Manufacturing Engineering & Technology by S. Kalpakjian and S. R. Schmid, Addison Wesley Ltd., 2001Ishu JainMadan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology2015
122Solid State Pulse Circuits by D. A. Bell, Phi, New Delhi, 2006Vivek Kumar Thakur Uttarakhand Technical University2015
123Wireless Communications and Networking by V. Garg, Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco., 2007Vishal ChanglaniVESIT2015
124Principles of Electronics by V. K. Mehta and R. Mehta, S.Chand, New Delhi, 2005Kavan Patel Dharmsinh Desai University2015
125Essentials of Materials Science and Engineering by D. R. Askeland and P. P. Phule, Thomson, New Delhi, 2004Byragoni SpandanaIITB2015
126Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems by G. F. Franklin, J. D. Powell and A. Emami-Naeini, Pearson Education and Dorling Kindersley, 2010Mrs. Deepti KhimaniMumbai University2015
127Process Heat Transfer by D. Q. Kern, Tata McGraw-Hill, NY, 1950Byragoni SpandanaIIT-B2015
128Principles of Electrical Engineering Materials by S. O. Kasap, Mgh, 2000Byragoni PranaviJNTU Hyderabad2015
129High Voltage Engineering by C. L. Wadhwa, Wiley Eastern, 2007Divya NayakIITB2015
130Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Stastics And Dynamics by F. P. Beer, E. R. Johnston, D. F. Mazurek, P. J. Cornwell And E. R. Eisenberg, McGraw-Hill, NY, 2007Akshatha NayakBits Pilani2015
131Electronic Circuits by S. Sharma, S. K. Kataria, New Delhi, 2010Ameer Azam KhanGreenway Institute for management studies2015
132Non Conventional Energy Resources by B. H. Khan, McGraw-Hill, 2014Aviral YadavABES Engineering College2015
133Fundamentals of Optics by F. A. Jenkins and H. E.white, McGraw-Hill, 1957Reshma Sunil KonjariVIT2015
134Mechanical Metallurgy by G. E. Dieter, Tata McGraw-Hill, 2013Apurva BhushanKIIT University2015
135High Voltage Engineering Theory and Practice by M. Khalifa, Marcel Dekker, 2000Divya NayakIndian Institute of Technology, bombay2015
136Semiconductor Devices Physics and Technology by S. M. Sze and M. K. Lee, John Wiley, 2012Reshma Sunil KonjariVIT vellore2015
137Fiber Optic Communications by J. C. Palais, Pearson Education, India, 2001Lochan JollyMumbai,TCET2015
138Chemical Reactor Design by P. Harriott, CRC Press, 2002Sneha R IyerSASTRA University ,Thanjavur2015
139High Voltage Engineering by M. S. Naidu And V. Kamaraju, Tata Mc-graw Hill, 2008Patel Chaitanya KishorbhaiDharmsinh Desai University2015
140Advanced Engineering Fluid Mechanics by K. Muralidhar and G. Biswas, Alpha Science International, 2011Saurav SumanNational Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur2015
141Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery by S. L. Dixon and C. A. Hall, Butterworth-Heinemann, London, 2010Varun S SIIT Bombay2015
142A Text Book of Physical Chemistry by K. l. Kapoor, Macmillan, India, 1984Rahul ParamataIIT BOMBAY2015
143Analog Integrated Circuits by J. B. Gupta, S. K. Kataria & Sons, New Delhi, 2009Amit SexanaDr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University2015
144Fluid Mechanics And Thermodynamics Of Turbo Machinery by S. L. Dixon, Butterworth-Heinemann, 2005Jagadeeshwar GoshikaIIT Bombay2015
145Power Electronics by M. D. Singh and K. B. Khanchandani, Tata McGraw-Hill, 2006Mohit GargABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad2015
146Material Science by B. S. Narang, CBS, New Delhi, 1982John PCUSAT2015
147A First Course on Electrical Drives by S. K. Pillai, Wiley Eastern, India, 1989Byragoni Pranavi Jawaharlal Nehru Tehnological University Hyderaba2015
148Engineering Mechanics by A. K. Tayal, Umesh Publications, 2010Danish Ansari SadruddinUniversity of Pune2015
149Quantum Physics Of Atoms, Molecules, Solids, Nuclei And Particles by Eisberg And R. Resnick, John Wiley, 1974Byragoni PranaviJawaharlal Nehru Tehnological University Hyderabad2015
150Semiconductor Physics and Devices Basic Principles by D. A. Neamen, McGraw-Hill, 2003Reshma Sunil KonjariVIT vellore2015
151Linear Algebra by K. Hoffman and R. Kunze, Prentice-Hall (India), 1986Gagandeep KaurRajasthan Technical University2015
152Advanced Mechanics of Materials by A. P. Boresi and R. J. Schmidt, John Wiley and Sons, USA, 2003Maloth ThirupathiIIT BOMBAY2015
153Microwave Engineering by G. S. Raghuvanshi, Cengage Learning, New Delhi, 2012Ankit SuriABES Engineering College2015
154Advanced Strength and Applied Elasticity by A. C. Ugural and S. K. Fenster, Prentice Hall, 1981Reshma Sunil KonjariVIT University2015
155Introduction to Nuclear Engineering by J. R. Lamarsh and A. J. Baratta, Prentice Hall, New Jersey, 2001Dhaivat Udayan MandaviaDELHI TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY2015
156Principles of Communication Systems by H. Taub and D. L. Schilling, Tmh, 2011Abhijeet PasumarthyBirla Institute of Technology, Mesra2015
157Manufacturing Science by A. Ghosh And A. K. Mallik, Ellis Horwood, 2010Prashant SinghMadan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology2015
158Engineering Mechancis-Schaum Series by McLean, McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, 1997Akshayuniversity Of Pune2015
159Manufacturing Processes For Engineering Materials by S. Kalpakjian And S. R. Schmid, Pearson Education, 2007Rajesh Kumar OjhaMadan Mohan Malaviya University of technology2014
160Fundamentals of Turbomachinery by W. W. Peng, J. Wiley, 2007Nilaya AbhyankarCummins College Of Engineering2014
161Applied Chemistry by T. Paradkar, Technical Publications, Pune, 2012Hemin Navinchandra ChhedaVESIT2014
162Digital Image Processing by R. C. Gonzalez and R. E. Woods, Pearson, New Delhi, 2009Pinkesh Vasantbhai PatelDHARMSINH DESAI UNIVERSITY2014
163Materials Science and Engineering - A First Course by V. Raghavan, Prentice Hall, India, 2007Vareesh PratapMadan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology2014
164Trigonometry by M. Corral, Createspace Independent Publishing North Charlestn, 2010S Sai Ashrith ReddyNITK2014
165Callister's Materials Science and Engineering (adopted By R. Balasubramaniam) by W. D. Callister, Wiley-Eastern, 2008Ankit RaiMadan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology2014
166Surveying Volume 3 by A. K. Arora, Laxmi Publications, Chennai, 2011AmitdasISM DHANBAD2014
167Nuclear Chemistry through Problems by H. J. Arnikar and N. S. Rajurkar, New Age International, New Delhi., 1997Suraj BidwaiVisvesvaraya National Institute of Technology2014
168Machine Design by T. H. Wentzell, P. E, Cengage Learning, New Delhi, 2007Prabhakar GundVNIT Nagpur2014
169Engineering Thermodynamics by O. Singh, New Age International, New Delhi, 2006Prateek JainNational Institute Of Technology Hamirpur2014
170Antenna and Wave Propagation by G. S. N. Raju, Dorling Kindersley, India, 2008Abhishek SharmaMadhav Institute of Technology and Science,Gwalior2014
171Electrical Power Systems: Concepts, Theory and Practice by S. Ray, Prentice Hall, New Delhi, 2007Jai MathurIIT Bombay2014
172Analog Communication by V. Chandrasekar, Oxford University Press, 2010S. Vijay KrishnanSastra University2014
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176Basic Electronics by S. Biswas, Khanna Publishing, New Delhi, 2000Yagnesh Kamleshkumar BadiyaniDharmsinh Desai University2014
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180Engineering Chemistry by P. N. Dave and S. G. Pillai, Mahajan Publishing, Ahmedabad, 2011Vishwa ShahInstitute of Technology, Nirma University2014
181Engineering Physics (volume - 2) by B. K. Pandey and S. Chaturvedi, Cengage Learning, New Delhi, 2010Vareesh PratapMadan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology2014
182Principles Of Foundation Engineering by B. M. Das, Ceenage Lerning Usa, 2007Avik Kumar DasIIT Bombay2014
183Electronic Devices and Circuits by D. C. Kulshreshtha, New Age International, New Delhi, 2006Harpreet SinghVYAS INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY2014
184Elements of Mechanical Engineering by R. K. Rajput, Laxmi Publications, New Delhi., 2009Vatsal ShahInstitute of Technology,Nirma University2014
185Fiber Optics Communication by H. Kolimbiris, Pearson Education, New Delhi, 2001Gaurav PandeyShri Mata Vaishno Devi University,Katra,J&K2014
186Antenna and Wave Propogation by U. A. Bakshi and A. V. Bakshi, Technical Publications, Pune, 2011Shyam.cSri Venkateswara College Of Engineering2014
187Mechanics Of Material by J. M. Gere, Thomson Learning Inc., 2004Rohit DeshmukhIIT Bombay2014
188Engineering Physics by D. C. Ghosh, N. C. Ghosh and P. K. Haldar, University Science, New Delhi, 2008Pankaj BiswasShri Mata Vaishno Devi University2014
189Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers by S. T. Thornton and A. Rex, Cengage Learning, USA, 2013Juhi Rajput Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University2014
190Electrical Machines by R. K. Srivastava, Cengage Learning, New Delhi, 2011Balachandra PSri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering2014
191Applied Physics by P. K. Mittal, I. K. International, New Delhi, 2006Mohit GargABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad2014
192Thermodynamics Demystified by M. C. Potter, McGraw-Hill, USA, 2009Aviral YadavABES Engineering college2014
193Solid State Devices by B. S. Nair and S. R. Deepa, Phi Learning, New Delhi, 2010Sakshi SharmaDr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University2014
194Basic Engineering Thermodynamics by R. Joel, Pearson, India, 2014Jitendra KumarIIT Guwahati2014
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