Scilab on GARUDA Cloud

Scilab on Cloud facilitates execution of the codes for particular example(s) online. The results can then be verified with the solved example(s) from the textbook. It is also possible to change the values of the variables and in fact, the code itself, and execute it. In addition to the given examples, one can also copy and paste (or) write a new code in the input box provided and execute the same.

The FOSSEE team has created a submission portal that allows the code for each example to be uploaded individually. From the view point of convenience, web based Scilab engine has been created by FOSSEE. For enhanced performance and safety, this facility has been ported by the FOSSEE team to the GARUDA Grid, with the help from the GARUDA Team at CDAC, Bengaluru.

Click here to access Scilab on GARUDA Cloud