Books in Progress


Fluid Mechanics:

  1. Diesel And High Compression Gas Engines by E. J. Kates, Technical Press, 1965
  2. Engineering Mechanics Of Solids by E. Popov, Prentice-Hall of India Pvt.Ltd, 1990
  3. Fundamentals Of Physical Chemistry by H. D. Crockford, Samuel B.knight, John Wiley And Sons Inc. ,usa, 1965
  4. Mechanics Of Solids by S.s. Bhavikatti, New Age International (p) Limited,, 2010
  5. Physics For Engineers by M. R. Srinivasan, New Age Publication,new Delhi, 2009
  6. Strength Of Materials by S S Bhavikatti, Vikas Publication House Pvt Ltd, 2008


Control Theory & Control Systems:

  1. Control Systems: Principles And Design by M. Gopal, Tmh, 2005
  2. Modern Control Systems by R. C. Dorf And R.H. Bishop, Addison-Wesley Publishers, 2011

Chemical Engineering:

  1. Engineering Chemistry by R. Mukhopadhay, New Age International, New Delhi., 2007
  2. Introduction To Environmental Engineering And Science by Gilbert M. Masters And Wendell P. Ela, Prentice Hall India Learning Private Limited, 2008


    Mechanical Engineering:

    1. Design Of Machine Elements by V. B. Bhandari, Tata McGraw - Hill Education, 2010
    2. Internal Combustion Engines by V. Ganesan, Tata McGraw - Hill Education, 2007
    3. Mechanics Of Materials by F. Beer, E. R. Johnston, J. Dewolf, D. Mazurek, McGraw-Hill Education, 2014

    Signal Processing:

    1. Fundamental Of Signals And Systems by Michael J Roberts, Tata Mc-Graw-Hill,new Delhi, 2007
    2. Linear Systems And Signals by B.p.lathi, Oxford University Press,newyork, 2006
    3. Signals And Systems by A. Nagoorkani, Mcgraw Hill Education (india) Private Limited, 2015

    Digital Communications:

      Electrical Technology:

      1. Principles Of Electronics , Vol. II by B. V. Narayana Rao, New Age International (p) Ltd.,Publishers , 1992
      2. Schaum's Outlines of Basic Electrical Engineering by J. J. Cathey And S. A. Nasar, Tata-McGraw Hill, 2004

      Mathematics & Pure Science:

      1. Basic Linear Algebra by T.S. Blyth And E.F. Robertson, Springer-Verlag, Great Britain, 2007
      2. Engineering Physics by G. S. Raghuvanshi, Prentice Hall Of India, New Delhi, 2008

      Analog Electronics:

      1. Computer System Architecture by M. M. Mano, Pearson Education, 2009
      2. Introduction To Power Electronics by V. Jagannathan, Prentice-Hall of India Pvt.Ltd , 2009
      3. Satellite Communications by T. Pratt, C. Bostian, J. Allnutt, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2003

      Digital Electronics:

      1. Analysis & Design Of Digital Integrated Circuits by D. A. Hodges And H. G. Jackson, Mcgraw Hill, 2003
      2. Digital Electronics by A. K. Maini, Wiley, 2007
      3. Introduction To Logic Design by Alan B. Marcovitz, Mcgraw Hill, 2010

      Computer Programming:

      1. Numerical Methods With Computer Programs In C++ by P. Ghosh, Prentice Hall (India) Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 2006
      2. Programming With C by B. Gottfried, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi, 2011


      1. Fiber Optic Communications Technology by D. K. Mynbaev And L. L. Scheiner, Pearson,newdelhi, India, 2009
      2. Research Methodology Methods And Techniques by C. R. Kothari, New Age International (P) Ltd., New Delhi, 2011
      1. A Text Book Of Engineering Chemistry by S. Chawla, Dhanpat Rai, 2004
      2. Electronic Communications Systems by F. R. Dungan, Delmar Publishers, US, 1998
      3. Engineering Physics by V. Rajendran, McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, 2013
      4. Total Quality Management by N. V. R. Naidu, K. M. Babu and G. Rajendra, New Age, 2006