I easily learnt Scilab due to its similarity with MATLAB which I was familiar with beforehand. The IIT spoken tutorials and Scilab forums provided additional help. I would specially like to thank Anuradha Amrutkar for answering some of my queries through e-mail. This internship is helping me in improving my programming skills. This project has taught me data plotting, data extraction from plots, data extraction from excel spreadsheets, etc in scilab. The FOSS nature of this project gives me additional enthusiasm and excitement while working on it as students from all over the country will be able to access these codes free of charge. The blend of technical and programming knowledge acquired from this project makes it unique.
- Aditya Vipradas, Mechanical Engineering, Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune
(Textbook Companion: Design of Machine Elements)
I am glad to have Scilab as open source. It has helped me evaluate and cross-check my answers.I learned Scilab from the pdf available in the official Scilab website.With list of commands and functions that was provided in the website, it was easy to learn and understand Scilab.
- Mohd Ishak, Electronics Engineering, AIKTC
(Textbook Companion: Electrical Network)
I am Manoj Kumar, a third year undergraduate student at IIT Bombay. I learnt Scilab from the tutorial videos available on the website. And this project helped me to improve my coding skills and also I learnt quite a bit about electrical engineering while coding a textbook related to it. So, I can say that I did benefit from the internship immensely. I am very happy to have got this chance to participate in this project.
- Manoj Kumar, Mechanical Engineering, IIT-Mumbai
(Textbook Companion: Electrical Engineering - Principles and Applications)