I have started working on Scilab textbook companion with the guidance of my friend. Learning silab from the provided tutorials was easy. I am working in this internship from 3 months. My friends are also working in this internship. We help each other when anyone face any problem regarding any issue and our mentor is also supporting us.This was my 2nd textbook companion. I have successfully completed it. And this has been reviewed by Scilab Team. They provided kind support all the time and replies to our query. I have already received honorarium for my last internship. This was very helpful in my academic activities. This also helped me to reduce the financial burden from my father.
- Mohd. Arif, Department of Computer Science, Uttarakhand Technical University, Chandanwadi
(Textbook Companion: Fundamentals of Electronic Devices)
I had a previous knowledge of MATLAB, which helped me feel comfortable with Scilab interface in no time. The internship is a learning experience as well as benefiting from the financial aspect to any independent student. The surprising aspect is that the interface of Scilab is robust enough to perform decent set of engineering computational activities. There are still some glitches here and there but I hope they will get looked into and prevented from future versions. The objective and contributions of the people behind this project are appreciable, and it should be remembered that there is a need to widely publicize the efficiency of the software and include more colleges/universities to participate in Lab Migration Project. Also, there is a greater necessity in attracting student community in participating in improving the Scilab software, just like many groups in IITs work on Aakash project. Overall, it is a wonderful experience and I shall participate in Textbook Companion again.
- Viswanath Pasumarthi, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Guwahati
(Textbook Companion: Numerical Methods for Scientists and Engineers)
I am very happy to give you my feedback regarding Scilab and this internship. During this internship, I didn't only learnt about programming aspect, it also helped me to strengthen my fundamental concepts of the subject. Mostly, I used "Matlab to Scilab conversion" feature of Scilab before submitting my codes as I have worked on Matlab from last two years. In my opinion, Scilab is a strong competitor for Matlab besides being open source.
- Tanmay Agrawal, Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIT, Hamirpur
(Textbook Companion: Principles of Heat Transfer)
I learnt Scilab through online tutorials. It feels nice to have contributed to an open source knowledge repository.
- Ashish Bora, Electrical Engineering, IIT-Bombay
(Textbook Companion: Basic Electrical Engineering)
I have learned scilab by watching videos on spoken tutorial. This internship is very important for my research career.
- Mayank Rajput, Greater Noida Institute of Technology, Noida
(Textbook Companion: Applications and Design with Analog Integrated Circuits)
I learned Scilab from the spoken tutorials website. I got to learn a software and at the same time i learned a lot of concepts of the subject on which i did the book. The experience was great :)
- Kirti Gupta, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT-Bombay
(Textbook Companion: Fluid Mechanics)