Faculty and students from educational institutions across the country can participate in the Lab Migration project. The participation procedure is different for college faculty and students.

Procedure for faculty:

  1. Fill the Lab Migration proposal form provided at To access the proposal form please log in to the website. If you do not have a login account, please register here. Ensure that the experiments mentioned in the proposal form are not in Completed Labs or Labs in Progress list. Fill in the proposal form by providing your personal details, institute details, lab course name, title of the experiment etc.

  2. At the end of the proposal form, you have to select an option between   

    1. Providing the Scilab code for the problems mentioned in the proposal form by yourself or 

    2. Open the problems to the Lab Migration Project community for providing the solutions to it.

  3. Also, select whether you want the Scilab codes of the problems mentioned in the proposal form to be made available for other members to view/download/use.

  4. After you submit the proposal form, we approve/disapprove the proposal by taking into consideration the experiments given in it. 

  5. You will receive an email from informing about your proposal status (approved/disapproved) within 15 working days.

  6. Only if you have chosen to submit the Scilab code yourself, you can start writing codes in Scilab for the assigned lab and upload the codes on the interface after the proposal approval.

  7. In case you are not providing the Scilab code, then other community members can propose to provide the Scilab code for the problems mentioned in your Lab Migration proposal.


  1. Only the faculty in charge of the lab has to submit the lab proposal and provide his/her contact details. Students should not submit the lab proposal. We require the contact details of the professor and not the student. 

  2. If any student is interested in Scilab Lab migration, they should inform their faculty members about this activity or provide us the contact details of the faculty member who will be interested to participate in this activity

  3. Students/others can get involved in this activity as a solution provider by providing solutions to the experiments provided in proposal form by other faculty members.

  4. If your proposal includes the experiments which are already coded then we will be happy to host your proposal on our website, but we shall not pay an honorarium to the coder. However, the proposer, the HOD, and the principal of the institute will be eligible for the honorarium.

  5. Only one lab can be proposed at a time. You can propose another lab only after the current lab has been marked as completed.

Procedure for students and other community members:

  1. To provide the Scilab code for the proposed labs, first you need to register yourself by clicking here.

  2. If you have already registered with us then kindly login with your username and password by clicking here.

  3. To see the list of labs for which Scilab codes are to be provided, please click here.

  4. Select the lab for which you want to provide the solution. Click on the ‘Apply’ button next to the ‘Title of the Lab’. This action will take you to the "Lab Migration Solution Proposal" form.

  5. Fill in the form and click on ‘Apply for solution’ to submit the form.

  6. Once you submit the form, we will approve it taking into consideration your proposal and other proposals.

  7. You will receive an email informing whether your proposal has been approved or disapproved. Once your proposal is approved, you can start writing codes in Scilab for the assigned lab and upload the codes on the interface.

  8. Anyone who provides solutions for a lab can only work on one lab at a time. They can move on to another lab once the current lab's solutions have been provided.