Coding Guidelines

Coding Guidelines A :

  1. Use the Scilab functions [clear; clc;] at the beginning of each code.

  2. Mention Operating System, Scilab and toolbox (if used) versions in the code as comments.

  3. Please provide the test cases to verify the output. If the code requires user input, mention example input for user reference as comments in the code. This will help any user when the code is executed.

  1. If the test case is in the form of numbers then mention it as comments at the end of the code. 

E.g. // Output test cast

       // The area of triangle is : 1500 sq.m 

  1. If it includes some graphical output then upload its .png or .jpeg file

  1. Label all graphs, axes and legends in plots.

  2. If the main program relies on some other function, it should be written separately and uploaded as dependency as mentioned above. Below convention for naming file should be followed :

  1. Use .sce extension for main files

  2. Use .sci extension for dependency (functions)

  1. If the main program depends on some other program, image file, audio file etc., then it should be uploaded as a dependency file on the interface.

  2. If the program requires more than one dependency file then the flow of their execution should be mentioned at the beginning of the main code.

  3. Some rules to be followed while giving code number and caption to files :

  1. If there are sub-parts of an experiment then they should be uploaded separately and their code numbers will be 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and so on, if there is only one part then it should be 2.0 or 2

  2. The caption should contain a concise description of the code that allows any user to understand the experiment.

Coding Guidelines B:

  1. The experiments in proposed lab should not be of very basic level and make sure that computational features of Scilab are used in each experiment. 

For example: Basic mathematics (BODMAS), Trigonometric functions (finding sine/cosine angle) etc. or the examples which are covered in Spoken Tutorial will not be accepted.

  1. In order to verify the code, all the experiments should be provided with a result file such as graphical output, image output, audio output file, Scilab console output (You can upload the screenshot of the console) etc. Photos taken from textbooks should not be uploaded as the result file.


Provide following things after you complete the lab:

1. After the completion of Lab Migration procedure, the college should submit two softcopies of lab journal. Kindly provide PDF of lab journal in the following format:

1. Cover page

2. Certificate page (must have HOD's and Principal's signature along with college's seal)

3. Index page (should be signed with a date)

4. All the experiments that have been migrated via Scilab Lab Migration (each experiment should have a sign and date at the end of it).

2. The codes submitted to us and the codes in lab journal should be the same, also their title should be same as per LM proposal form.