Coding Guidelines

  1. Label all graphs, axes and legends in plots.
  2. Mention OS, Scilab and toolbox versions in the code as comments.
  3. Use the Scilab functions [clear; clc;] at the beginning of each code.
  4. If the code requires user input, mention example input for user reference as comments in the code. This will help any user when the code is executed.


Any user who provides solutions for a lab course, can only work on one lab at a time. They can move on to another lab once the current lab's solutions have been provided.

The faculty in charge of the lab has to submit the lab proposal and provide his/her contact details. Students (solution provider) should not submit the lab proposal. We require contact details of the professor and not the student.

All forms should have revenue stamps affixed on them. Please sign on the revenue stamps.

For colleges based in Karnataka, please mail the forms without the revenue stamps.