Scilab case study project is managed by FOSSEE, IIT Bombay. We provide certificates to all who participate in this activity. This activity aims at addressing higher-level problems. This initiative encourages all Scilab enthusiast to apply their Scilab skills to real-world scenarios, fostering innovation, critical thinking, and practical problem-solving abilities.

By selecting and analyzing substantial case studies, participants can explore the depth and breadth of Scilab's capabilities, enhancing their expertise while contributing to meaningful solutions in various domains.

  1. Learn Scilab. Resources are provided at Scilab Resources.

  2. Prepare a 1-page abstract describing the problem statement. 

  3. Create an account and log in to the website. To create an account click here.

  4. Fill and submit the Case Study Proposal Form.

  5. Once your proposal is submitted it will be reviewed and approved/disapproved.

  6. After receiving the approval of your proposal, please ensure that you submit the case study project within 45 days of its acceptance.

  7. Follow the Submission Guidelines carefully.

  8. Submit the completed Case Study Project Directory in the submission portal.

  9. After receiving the approval of your submission, you may fill and send the Required Forms. To view the forms click here.

For any a further queries contact us at contact(at)scilab(dot)in