Scilab Symbolic Toolbox

Steps to install scimax toolbox on ScilabScilab Version: 5.5.0OS: Ubuntu 14.04

  1. Install Maxima. On terminal type sudo apt-get install maxima
  2. Download overload-1.3.3.tar
  3. Extract overload-1.3.3
  4. On Scilab console, navigate to overload-1.3.3 folder
  5. Type exec loader.sce in Scilab console
  6. Download scilab-scimax-2.1.4.tar
  7. Extract scilab-scimax-2.1.4
  8. Open scilab-scimax-2.1.4/builder.sce on an editor. Change line 14 to indicate the path of overload.1.3.3. For example, the path could look like this- %otb_path='/home/xyz/overload-1.3.3'
  9. On Scilab console, navigate to scilab-scimax-2.1.4
  10. Type exec builder.sce in Scilab console
  11. Type exec loader.sce in Scilab console
  12. Type maxinit in Scilab console
  13. To test the toolbox has been loaded properly, type the following in Scilab console Syms x Syms y e=(x+y)^5 f=expand(e)

If the expanded expression is correct, scimax has been loaded properly on Scilab. Certain functions like ilaplace do not exist in this toolbox.