Textbook Companion Review

Textbook Companion Review is a program for domain/Scilab experts who are willing to help improve the quality of Scilab Textbook Companions (TBC).

Criteria to be a reviewer:

  1. Should have successfully completed at least three Textbook Companions in Scilab.
  2. Cleared eligibility test with the test score above 33 out of 45.

How to apply as reviewer:

  1. Please register yourself as a reviewer here. (You must login with your scilab.in account to view the link.)

How to review:

  1. Once your account has been approved, login to select a TBC to review.
  2. You are required to verify the results of ALL the submitted codes for the selected TBC.
  3. The verification is done by ensuring that the TBC codes and their results meet the conditions given in the checklist.
  4. Upon reviewing all the examples in the TBC, notify us by submitting the verification results on the Scilab Interface. The necessary changes to the code, as per the feedback given by you will be done and resubmitted for your subsequent review. If the codes do not have errors, email us acknowledging the codes are error free.
  5. You may need to carry out subsequent reviews (not more than 4 in total, per TBC) on the re-submitted code in order to complete the verification.
  6. The subsequent reviews involves rechecking of the corrected codes.
  7. It is critical that all the bugs are found and reported at the time of the first review to ensure that no new errors are reported in later reviews. If any new errors are reported in second or later review(s) then the reviewer’s contribution till that point, would be counted as equivalent to single review.