Following is the list of Universities in India where Scilab is in course curriculum.



Kannur University has Scilab in its syllabus.

Rajiv Gandhi college in Bhopal also has.


I just searched for "scilab syllabus and university" and found many hits. This page needs an update. there is some college in USA also (

also had some "preferred package is scilab" kind of text. Do check.

 Madhu Belur

I think only Indian universities are put up here as this is the Scilab India webpage. But, yes, the list of Indian universities is to be updated.


I am a Lecturer in Engineering college and I want to be trained in SCILAB software to tech students.

Please revert if there is any training facility is available for the faculties.

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SpeechWareNet India Private Limited, an incubated brainchild of the "ELECTRO-MEDICAL SPEECH THERAPY LABORATORY" INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY GUWAHATI, provides extensive Technical Training, Support and Mentoring in Scilab not only that, SpeechWareNet India Private Limited is authorized by Scilab to impart training and is a partner of Scilab.

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