Maxima - symbolic

This toolbox provides a interface to Maxima, a Free and Open Source Software that specializes in symbolic operations. It uses Perl to initiate a Maxima server and uses a socket connection between Scilab and Maxima to transport data and commands between the two packages.

Most functions have a syntax similar to the MATLAB Symbolic Toolbox, although the functionality of this toolbox is limited to the functionality available in Maxima.

This toolbox requires Perl, Maxima and Scilab to be installed on your computer. This toolbox has been used successfully on several Unix flavours and on Windows.

Due to the unfortunate demise of the author of this toolbox, this is no longer maintained. In particular, the toolbox does not load in the latest version of Scilab (5.3.2, as of this writing) since certain functions have been deprecated in Scilab since this toolbox was authored. A workaround is to use the following two re-aliasing commands:

sort = gsort;

maxi = max;

The two commands above should restore functionality for this toolbox.

In the interest of posterity, we urge you to think twice before using this toolbox for your symbolic computing needs. We highly recommend using packages like SAGE for this (and we have a sister team available that is able to provide support for SAGE). If you need to perform symbolic operations and have any queries on what package you should use for your task, please feel free to get in touch with us at

Users are welcome to create useful link below the line.