Scilab workshop at Haldia Institute of Technology, Haldia, West Bengal

Three days Scilab Workshop is held at Haldia Institute of Technology, Haldia, West Bengal from December 27 to December 29 2010

For more details about the workshop, please refer following brochure.

Workshop Brochure
Dates: 27-28-29 Dec

Day 1-M         Spoken tutorials revision + doubts      Madhu Belur
Day 1-M         Online Test
Day 1-A         Least Squares fit                       Madhu Belur
Day 1-A         Optimization                            Madhu Belur

Day 2-M         Polynomials                             Spoken Tutorial
Day 2-M         ODEs                                    Spoken Tutorial
Day 2-A         Control Systems                         Aditya Sengupta
Day 2-A         XCos                                    Shalini Srivastav

Day 3-M         Network Theory and OPAMP                Shalini Srivastav
Day 3-M         Real Time Data Acquisition + SBHS       Aditya Sengupta
Day 3-A         Neural Network Toolbox                  Prashant Dave
Day 3-A         Wavelets                                Anuradha Amrutkar

A few important points for the participants:

  1. All participants are required to view the introductory matter before attending the workshop. The introductory matter is in the form of spoken tutorials (which are video screencasts, each of a duration of about 10 minutes). The spoken tutorials that are required to be studied are available at:

    At the above link, there is a file called "ALL-Tutorials.tar.gz" where you can download all tutorials as one file if you do not wish to download each tutorial individually. There is also an exercise sheet available at the above link that is to be solved. The tutorials are numbered in the order that they are to be watched.

    Participants should keep Scilab open while watching the spoken tutorials and practice what is being instructed in the spoken tutorials. Scilab can be downloaded and installed from:

  2. There will be an online test on the first day of the workshop. The test is very simple and sample questions are available at:

    The questions that will be asked during the test will be of a similar level.

    All participants will be given an attendance letter. However, participants must clear the online test in order to be eligible for the participation certificate.

    Before the test, there will be a session to solve any doubts that the participants may have.

  3. Participants are encouraged to use our forum to answer any doubts: