FOSSEE Scilab Octave Toolbox

The FOSSEE Scilab Octave Toolbox repository is maintained at It is also published and available on

This toolbox has been built and tested using 

  1. OS - Linux Debian 10, Ubuntu 18.10, 64-bit

  2. Octave - Version 4.4.1, 5.1.0

  3. Scilab - Version 6.0.1, 6.0.2


Software prerequisites:

Run the following commands in the linux terminal

  1. sudo apt-get install build-essential (~117 MB download)

  2. sudo apt-get install liboctave-dev (~103 MB download)

  3. sudo apt-get install octave

  4. sudo apt-get install scilab

NOTE: Downloaded scilab binaries will not work with this toolbox due to fftw library mismatch. Scilab HAS to be installed using apt.

Install the required octave packages using the below command in linux terminal

  1. sudo apt-get install octave-<pkg name>

For example, to install signal package in octave, do

  1. sudo apt-get install octave-signal


Launch Scilab and run the following commands inside the scilab console

  1. cd <path to scilab_octave toolbox directory>

  2. exec builder.sce

  3. exec loader.sce

  4. help octave_fun (then execute the examples appearing on the help page)


Building the source

In case if executing the builder and loader files in scilab throw an error regarding .so files, you probably need to build the toolbox from source. Do the following on the linux terminal

  1. Download the fossee-scilab-octave-toolbox source from

  2. Close scilab, if running

  3. cd <path to fossee-scilab-octave-toolbox/src/ directory>

  4. make clean

  5. make

  6. make install

You should now be able to build and load the toolbox in scilab.


Octave built-in functions: 

There are total 1448 functions available with octave without the need of any packages. The list is available at Almost all of these functions (except plots and structures) can be accessed using this toolbox.


Octave packages:

There are two categories of packages in octave, namely Community Packages and External Packages. Community Packages are maintained by the Octave Forge and Octave developers community. External Packages are maintained by their respective authors. The details can be sought at Any of the functions of these packages can be accessed using the scilab_octave toolbox, except those that include structures, plotting and symbolic variables. These will be addressed in the next releases of the toolbox.



  1. Rupak Rokade, FOSSEE IIT Bombay



  1. Prof. Kumar Appaiah, IIT Bombay


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