FOSSEE Scilab Toolbox Fellowship 2019


  • The registration for FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2019 starts on 1 February 2019.
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Resources to learn scilab:

We are providing two tasks, at least one of which has to be done.

Screening Task 1

Develop Scilab examples to test any 5 functions available in FOSSEE Optimization Toolbox.

Develop examples for any 5 functions listed on the documentation page:

Examples for each function are available in the help documentation for each function. You may refer to these examples to understand how to develop your own examples. We expect applicants to show originality and develop examples that test the function. Submitting examples by changing few coefficients or degree of equations of existing examples will not score highly. You may refer to IEEE papers and textbooks to develop examples.

Screening Task 2

Step 1: Download and install the ecos optimization library.

Step 2: Solve the following problem using ecos:

minimize: x1 + 3x2 + 6x3 + 10x4 + ... + n*(n+1)/2*xn

subject to: x1 + x2 + ... + xn >= n/2

x1 >= 0

x2 >= 0


xn >= 0

Procedure and Evaluation:

  1. Install Ubuntu( 15.10 to 17.10 supported for the latest version of FOT) or Windows 7-10 . Install Scilab 5.5.0/5.5.2. Install FOSSEE Optimization Toolbox-

  2. Add comments in the code that explain what is being tested, what the input arguments are and if the example would generate any error. Lucid comments that provide information about the example code will score highly.

  3. Copy and paste the output in each example file for every function. You should include the output that is seen on the Scilab console. If the toolbox/Scilab crashes, include that as a comment. If an error is seen, copy and paste the error. Developing examples that generate errors will earn brownie points. [for the first task]

  4. For the second task, you will be judged on code quality, practices followed, and correctness of output. Please provide a readme file. 

  • Cite your references. On no account will plagiarism be tolerated. Such submissions will be rejected summarily. 

Code Submission

Via Moodle:

If you have any FOSSEE Toolbox fellowship related doubts, please email toolbox[at]scilab[dot]in. Do not email any other address. We will reply only to queries for which answers are not available here. 

If you have a toolbox related query, please post your query on under ‘Scilab Toolbox’. Please do not email us toolbox related doubts. Such emails will be ignored.