FOSSEE Scilab Toolbox Fellowship 2018

The registrations for FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2018 are closed.
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Important Dates:
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Please note that these deadlines override the deadlines given in the individual pages of each project.

About FOSSEE Scilab Toolbox project
Thank you for your interest in FOSSEE Toolbox project. This project aims at adding more functionalities to Scilab via toolboxes. We are offering a list of toolboxes that you can choose from in order to participate.

Screening Tasks

  1. Choose any ONE of the Toolboxes from the list mentioned above (we recommend choosing a toolbox that closely matches your skill set and interest).
  2. Develop examples/demos to test any 5 functions in the selected toolbox. OR
  3. Develop 1 new function that can be added to any toolbox of your choice.

See the list below of Toolboxes available for this fellowship

  1. FOSSEE Optimisation Toolbox
  2. FOSSEE Signal Processing/DSP Toolbox
  3. FOSSEE Scilab2C

NOTE: The toolboxes have to be strictly built/installed on Ubuntu 14.04 OS. No other OS support will be extended. Installation instructions are in the respective toolbox pages

To learn Scilab, refer to Scilab spoken tutorials

Any student enrolled at a university is eligible to apply for this project.

Technical Requirements

  1. FOSSEE Optimization Toolbox- C/C++ coding experience is required. Optimization domain knowledge is preferred.
  2. FOSSEE Signal Processing/DSP Toolbox- Scilab/Matlab coding experience is required. (Digital) Signal Processing knowledge is required.
  3. Scilab2C- C/Scilab coding knowledge is required. Some experience working with microcontroller based projects is required.

Procedure to submit screening task

  1. You will receive an email with the subject line "FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2018 - Submission".
  2. Click here to visit the submission portal and login with your username and password given in the email.
  3. Select FOSSEE Scilab toolbox under 'My Courses' section to submit the task(s).


  1. Points will be given for originality, number of examples and complexity of the examples. Extra points will be given for examples that report bugs in the existing functions or make the toolbox/Scilab crash.
  2. Points will be given for your code logic, originality, and completeness of function.

If you have any FOSSEE Toolbox fellowship related doubts, please email toolbox[at]scilab[dot]in. Do not email any other address. We will reply only to queries for which answers are not available here.