FOSSEE Optimization Toolbox Workshop at IIT Bombay

The FOSSEE team is conducting a workshop on FOSSEE Optimization Toolbox (FOT). FOT can be used for solving optimization problems including linear and non linear programming optimization problems. For more details about the toolbox, please click here

Workshop Details

Date: Dec. 2,2016Help Desk: 8 am-9.45 amWorkshop: 10 am- 1 pmVenue: LT-101, First floor, LHC, IIT Bombay

Workshop Objectives

  • Introduction to the toolbox.
  • Hands on experience using the toolbox functions. Real life optimization problems will be solved using the toolbox.

Target Audience

This workshop will be most useful for-
  • Anyone who works in the optimization domain from any engineering/science stream
  • Anyone who uses the Matlab optimization toolbox.
  • Anyone who uses COIN-OR libraries.
  • Faculty/students who have optimization coursework as part of the syllabus.
The workshop is open to anyone with an interest in using the FOSSEE Optimization Toolbox. You do not have to meet the criteria mentioned above to attend this workshop.

Workshop Prerequisites

  • You have to bring your own laptop and laptop adapter. Please note- we will not provide any laptop or adapter.
  • Scilab 5.5.0 or later versions has to be installed on your laptop. To install Scilab, please click here.
  • To install the FOSSEE Optimization Toolbox, please follow the instruction given here- If you face any errors during installation, please post the error here under ‘Scilab Toolbox-> Optimization Toolbox’ category-
There will be a help desk at the workshop venue to help anyone who encounters errors while installing the toolbox. Participants are expected to approach the help desk only after trying to install the toolbox on their own. As we expect a high number of participants at this workshop, it will not be possible for us to install the toolbox for each and every participant. Participants are also advised to come early so that the help desk has enough time to resolve the errors.Please note: Registered participants will be allowed to participate in the workshop only if they bring their own laptop and have the correct version of Scilab and the toolbox installed on their laptop. This will be strictly enforced.


This is a free workshop. However, you are required to register for this workshop. There is no registration fees. Please note the following:
  • Food and beverages will not be provided.
  • No participation certificate will be provided.
On-spot registration will be allowed subject to availability. We encourage everyone to register online rather than using the on-spot registration option. To register, please click here

Contact us

If you have any doubts regarding the workshop, please email- Scilab or toolbox installation doubts will not be resolved through email. Please use FOSSEE Forums for such doubts-