Scilab Workshop at Integrated Test Range (ITR), Defence Research & Developement Organisation (DRDO), Chandipur, Orissa

Four Days workshop conducted on Scilab at ITR,DRDO, Chandipur, Orissa between 22-23rd june and 25-26th June 2012.

Session plan:

Timing of sessions:

Session 1: 10-11 am

Session 2: 11-12 am

Session 3: 02-03 pm

Session 4: 03-04 pm

Topics for Session:

22nd June:

Session 1: Introduction and Getting started with Scilab

Session 2: Matrix Operations

Session 3: Functions

Session 4: Plottings

23rd June:

Session 1: for/while/if/else Loops (Iterations)

Session 2: Online Test

Session 3: Polynomials

Session 4: Hardware Device Control Demo

25th June:

Session 1: Ordinary Differential Equations

Session 2: Control Systems

Session 3: Signal Processing and Filter Design

Session 4: Optimization

26th June:

Session 1: Data Acquisition (HART toolbox)

Session 2: Reading/writing data into file, Least Square Fit/Estimation

Session 3: Analog/Digital Communication

Session 4: Image Processing