FOSSEE Optimization Toolbox

The FOSSEE Optimization Toolbox includes functions for linear programming, nonlinear optimization and quadratic programming. It uses solvers from various COIN-OR libraries such as SYMPHONY, Ipopt, CBC and BONMIN.

  • Functions
  • Installation Instructions

    For Scilab 5.5.0

    Type in Scilab console

    For Scilab 5.5.1 and later versions

    Type in Scilab console

    • atomsSystemUpdate()//This step is not required if Scilab Atoms updates itself automatically
    • atomsInstall('FOT')
    • Restart Scilab
  • Source Code

    You can download the source code for the toolbox here

  • Report a bug

    If you face any issues while using the toolbox, please post your query here

  • Suggest a Function
  • If you have any suggestions for functions that can be included in the toolbox, please mail us at

    Please note- We will not be able to include every function request that we receive.

  • Contributors

    1. Animesh Baranawal
    2. Bhanu Priya Sayal
    3. Guru Pradeep Reddy
    4. Harpreet Singh Rathore
    5. Iswarya H
    6. Keyur Joshi
    7. Meenarli Sharma
    8. Prajwala TM
    9. Sai Kiran Naragam
    10. Sheetal Shalini
    11. Vidhyadar R
    12. Vignesh Kannan